March Review (2018)

March began as any other month did, with a renewed focus on leadership and civic duty in our country. This fire which had been burning in much of my peers for quite a long while. A majority of the lower generations in the US became increasingly worried about our safety, and the access to possessions that could possibly end their lives. February struck the country, as well as Florida, but especially the Miami Metropolitan Area which shares many traits, and is merged together through shared experiences and urbanization.

To say the least of these last two months, they have put the area on edge. Increased policing from my experience in Miami-Dade Public Schools, and security measures more strict than I have ever seen in my tenure as a student under that system. These implementations of new policy began to take effect as de facto rules early March; around this same time, we began to mobilize as young adults with our own opinions.

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Update 1.0.2

The first update after so much has happened in the last, just short of, two months. Update 1.0.2 has brought an update in the diversity to the photo library here on, with much more to come soon. The main page of the website has also been updated to match the change and progression of my life.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Kevin Amézaga

(bug fixes on index.html, and bug fixes with errors in the photo galleries' installation (Koken))

Website Update (2-8-18)

I was recently hosting this website on x10hosting, but quickly realized that platform was limited and slow. I found a deal with GoDaddy for this platform and Office 365 E-Mail, so I can be reached at more efficiently now. I now use KOKEN for my gallery instead of Gallery v4. I also got rid of my Blog in favor of also using KOKEN's essays platform.

I hope to begin posting more frequently through this platform, and therefore being more interactive.

Much respect,

Kevin Amezaga