If you're interested in that sort of thing...

Date Changes Version
06/02/19 - Filesystem restructure. Not going into detail because security and everything, but just know things are more organized now :
- New generic posters for video gallery thumbnails on /premiere-pro.html and /after-effects.html
- New projects uploaded into the project files
- Optimized videos hosted on this site.
05/13/19 - New section on homepage for the latest project.

- Updated this page for fellow nerds.

- Went to the beach and got a tan (sunburn, really) but I got some pretty good pictures for DADE Magazine, which you can see here.

- More updates forthcoming. I'll post to Facebook or Twitter (which you can follow me on below) when I make an update.
05/11/19 - Animations for Applications on Homepage
(Now parallax-bg)

- Contact button on Nav

- Added this Changelog (yay!)

- Edited the structure of the about me div (about.html)

- Made the margin for the header on about.html a lil
bigger so that it has more space

- Changed the animations on applications.html so that
they're all uniform now for a cool effect as you scroll

Check back for more updates (I try to be cool)
N/A The Changelog feature of this site was not added until
version 2.5.0, so all information prior to that version has
been lost to history. Sorry about that.