I’m So Tired

LAUV & Troye Sivan

Dreamy pop vocals overlap with LAUV and Troye Sivan, both young superstars in their own right, now they have a collab.

Malibu Nights


The song their album is named after, Malibu Nights soft beat builds to a larger crescendo of piano and drum that will have you crying even though you’re single and haven’t had a breakup in five years. Their Sophomore Album, I’d only give it four/five stars because it didn’t have enough music. That being said, I’m seeing them live on the 23rd.


The Jonas Brothers

They’re back! Now better than ever, I promise.

Fake Smile

Ariana Grande

Melancholy beats summarize this song, and retro-pop vocals distract from the serious nature of this song and its saddening message underneath a catchy melody.

The King

Conan Gray

Self confidence, good beats, great rhythm. Many things I can’t relate with, nor do I have.



Important to the max. Describes the obvious need of two people to start a love, but the will of one can end it all.

After Breakfast

The Polar Boys

Maybe I’m biased because I love my Miami boys, but this song is one of the best released this year!


The Driver Era

Retro vibes disguise this sad song. A Bop!


Boxing at the Zoo

Small instrument vibes. If you like that funky ukulele pop from YouTube, you’re sure to like this even better–because it is!

It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

The 1975

Retro-alt music with some questionable lyrics, but hey, you can bop to it and sing along (if you can understand what these cockney brits are even saying)

Runaway Kids


Freedom, youth, all the hit features of an American Pop Song (but spelled the proper English way for fun).



Getting the girl after the guy she liked turned out to be a douche. Whatever works, dude.