Music Recommendations // November 2018 // Thankful SZN

Spooky Szn is over, and Thankful Szn has just started with Merry Szn is just around the corner. Here are some tunes to load up your playlist and fuel that turkey feel-good mood!

Heavy, California // Jungle

Image result for heavy california
With soft vocals and strong rhythm, Jungle continues to thump out quality hits…

Crush Culture // Conan Gray

Image result for crush culture conan grey
The much anticipated subsequent single to its counterpart–Generation Why–continues Gray’s path toward pop stardom with dream-pop vocals on top of indie beats.

Hey Ya! // Panic! at the Disco

Brendon Urie continues his solidified vocal career with this cover of OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya!’

Small Victory // Transviolet

Image result for valley transviolet
Transviolet’s dreamy vocals on top of the melody makes the entire song a worthwhile hit.

Feels Like Forever // Jacob Tilley

Image result for feels like forever joseph tilley
A Western-Indie vocalist vibe? Can’t get much better than bop after bop produced by this self-produced musician.

Side Effects // The Chainsmokers

Image result for side effects chainsmokers album cover
Coming a long way from “S.E.L.F.I.E.,” The Chainsmokers team up with Emily Warren, songwriter, to step out of their comfort zone and move back toward what the band’s original genre charter  described it.

Stuck with Me // The Neighbourhood

Related image
Long-established, The Neighbourhood and its melancholy rhythm makes this self-titled Album one of, if not their best. This song takes the cake with its slow beat with subtle notes changing the emotion.

take me on // Joan

Image result for take me on joan
This lovable indie pop beat is an instant classic hitting all the right places.

Good Love // Aly & AJ

Image result for good love aly and aj
Far from the Disney Channel days, Aly & AJ are back to making hits but without Disney’s censorship, rightfully so. The raw beat and emotional vocals come through perfectly.


Image result for push pop laundry day
An underrated indie-pop hit with its rich flavor and great structure.

Golden State // Joywave

Image result for koda vista joywave
Joywave is back to creating great soundtracks and this is definitely one of their best.

Stumblin’ Home // Smallpools

Image result for smallpools stumblin home
Smallpools is back on track and back to creating singles. While this single alone doesn’t top Dreaming, it is pretty damn close.

Sunflower // Rex Orange County

Related image
A classic Rex Orange County hit which is sure to put you in a good mood.

Reckless Lover // Handsome Ghost

Image result for reckless lover handsome ghost
This sad boy song tells of playing with love and its dangers.

Unfollow // Maluma

Image result for unfollow maluma
Maluma deviates from his normal playboy attitude to describe his troubles at love and rightfully so, the execution is flawless and with a great rhythm.

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