Web Design Project // Summer 2018

This summer I began an internship with CBS 4 affiliated 501-c Non-Profit Neighbors4Neighbors. What started as a hope to improve their existing website turned into a rebuild from the ground up. I personally enjoy using Mobirise to build websites because of its easy-to-use, HTML & bootstrap, responsive design layout. The team was impressed by my efforts, and you can preview my work right here. I rebuilt the site as two sites, a main informational site, and the second as a subsite… just to keep things organized. Therefore, the main site is www./ and the sub is www./programs

Currently, I am working on rebuilding their volunteering plugin with livesite, and hope to have that up and running asap, but I am also managing the PHP code for their adopt-a-family for the holidays WordPress plugin.

I’m looking forward to where this goes, and am grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me.


Check out Neighbors 4 Neighbors here.

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