Music Recommendations // November 2018 // Thankful SZN

Spooky Szn is over, and Thankful Szn has just started with Merry Szn is just around the corner. Here are some tunes to load up your playlist and fuel that turkey feel-good mood! Heavy, California // Jungle With soft vocals and strong rhythm, Jungle continues to thump out quality hits… Crush Culture // Conan Gray […]

An Open Letter to Miami-Dade County Transit

All of my life I have ridden in cars. Cars to school in Kendall. Cars to my grandparents’ houses in Westchester. Cars to my dentist in Allapattah. Cars everywhere. I don’t use public transportation because in my lifetime, and especially as I have grown up: it has not existed. Public transportation in Miami-Dade County, and […]

On the State of Technology…

From the anti-consumer decisions of 2016 to the continuing development of even-faster processors in our hands, and the already-five-year-old iPhone 6 is 1,300 times faster than the computers that landed humankind on the moon. Now in 2018, we have companies like Apple trying to pack so much power into slim chassis that they advertise more than […]

Music Recommendations // July 2018

It’s late at night, and I thought I’d provide a proudly diverse list of Music for you to listen to. If you like this type of music, you’ll be good, and if you don’t, then you’ll still be good because you’ll have a good playlist to diversify your palette. This playlist is available through Spotify, […]

Web Design Project // Summer 2018

This summer I began an internship with CBS 4 affiliated 501-c Non-Profit Neighbors4Neighbors. What started as a hope to improve their existing website turned into a rebuild from the ground up. I personally enjoy using Mobirise to build websites because of its easy-to-use, HTML & bootstrap, responsive design layout. The team was impressed by my […]

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